Craving the day you can eat without pain?

FREE Masterclass

Preview the program that's helped 1000+ members overcome acid reflux, bloating, IBS, food intolerances, SIBO, and more!


Craving the day you can eat without pain?

FREE Masterclass

Preview the program that's helped 1000+ members overcome acid reflux, IBS, food intolerances, SIBO, and more!


Imagine If You Could...

  • Wear your favorite leggings or tight-fitting jeans — without a swollen, bloated tummy
  • Sleep, eat, work, and play — without burning in the throat, chest, or belly
  • Enjoy food — without feeling a lump in your throat (even after garlic, onions, chocolate, tomatoes, spices!!)
  • Love the body you're in — no more feeling trapped in a body you can't trust!!
  • Go with ease without feeling bricks in your stomach/backed up; or feeling anxiously glued to a bathroom
  • Increase HAPPINESS and show off your GLOWING skin — because you improved your gut and all of the above!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"The BEST knowledge I received. I'm seeing 80% improvement in reflux and IBS after only 2 months on the program!!" — Jolie

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I endured acid reflux for 5 years and developed SIBO after antibiotics. I started taking Mallory's course and saw positive changes as early as 3 days!" - Deborah

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I was able to quickly wean off of my medication without my chronic throat pain returning! I have seen a huge reduction in my bloating as well!!" — Sarah

My digestive issues cost me over $10,000 and 7 YEARS without answers... 

I get feeling frustrated AF. Because I’ve been there…

  • In pain with burning and a lump in the throat, a tummy that wants to explode from bloat, and fear of food.
  • Sick of being poked and prodded; tired of undergoing procedures, drugs, and hospital visits...
  • ...only to be told: "there's nothing more we can do."

It lit a fire under me and empowered me to be in the driver's seat of my own health 🔥

(something our society doesn't really instill in us)...

Let me put everything I've learned in my personal journey, professional education, and experience helping over 1,000 clients and students to work for you!

Now I can FINALLY:

  • Savor foods like aromatic curry, a gooey chocolate chip cookie 🍪, or tapas with friends (without reflux, stomach pain, or feeling something stuck in my throat)...
  • Travel WITHOUT obsessing over the fear of a flare...
  • Feel as CONFIDENT as Beyoncé in tight-fitting jeans (used to be a nightmare with the never-ending BLOAT!)

I'm revealing the starter path for HOW in this FREE training...

You deserve all these good feelings too! And I am holding the space, hope, and action plan for you to get there 💕


Psst… Join this training even if you've seen every specialist under the sun or consider yourself a gut-health expert — there's always something new we can learn! 😘

You're Minutes Away From...

  • Learning HOW we got into this mess that not only affects your health, but also your mood, productivity, and social life
  • Gaining actionable strategies to rectify these imbalances from the root (even with the most complex of cases, which I work with all the time!)
  • Unlocking healing protocols that have helped over 1,000 students! There are no "rules" - YOU uncover what your body needs! YOU hold the power to make the best decisions for your body!

What Others Who Implemented These Strategies Are Saying:

"So Mallory, What's The Catch?"

  • There's no "catch" - yes, this is a totally free training with 60 min. of valuable content
  • There WILL be the opportunity to join my members-only program at the end (if you're itching to take everything deeper!)
  • This training is NOT for you if you're not interested in a holistic approach
  • This training is NOT for you if you don't honor and respect boundaries
  • This training is NOT for you if you're waiting to be saved. I can't help you with that. No "healer" can help you with that. It's all you. We're not meant to go through this journey alone, but you can't give your power and the inner work away - that's all you ❤️️

Who is a fabulous fit for this training?

  • You’re willing to expand your mind and think about things differently 🧠
  • You're interested in a holistic approach
  • You're not just looking for a "quick fix" - you respect your body's healing process and trust in your ability to heal
  • You honor and respect boundaries
  • You're excited about the prospects of turning inward in your own healing. You're not looking for someone to "save" you. Healers don't heal people. People heal themselves.
  • You're willing to accept personal responsibility: True health is one’s own responsibility — not an insurance company’s, nor a drug or supplement company’s, nor a fad diet’s. You’re not broken, but you may have ended up in a broken system. What happened isn’t your fault, but it is your responsibility to nurture it, and I believe in you to do just that ✨

Transparency, Healing, Self-Discovery:
Our Core Values

It's our priority to make healing a safe, consensual, and uplifting space:

  • At the end of this free training, you'll be invited to go deeper in our paid program (Decoding Digestion)! ✨🎉
  • You'll gain a limited-time promo to join for $197 ($200 off the normal price) - if you felt it was aligned with you
  • We recognize there are "webinars" out there where you get to the end, only to be prompted to "book a call" and find out the service costs thousands — we don't want that to be the case
  • While we do want this to be accessible and it is priced that way, please respect and honor that many years and immense work have gone into its creation + cultivation ❤️️
  • There is no pressure to join, and it's our intention that the free training alone will be an incredibly valuable tool to get you to that next step on your journey!
"I'm aligned with that and can't wait to feel better!"

Meet Mallory.

Hi new friend, I'm so glad you're here and can't wait to welcome you into our close-knit community!

I became a holistic nutritionist after many illnesses...

I had GERD/LPR, Barrett's esophagus, SIBO/IBS, gastritis, autoimmunity, anxiety, and more 🥴️

There were no answers for my symptoms. The only advice was to take meds that made things worse.

My symptoms were a wake-up call. Listening and diving deep allowed me to heal and recover.

Going through this journey allowed me to expand in amazing ways I didn't know were possible!

When you've been stuck and in pain so long, it's often the out-of-the-box techniques that move the needle. And those are my favorite to incorporate ;)

I've helped over 1,000 clients and students eager to empower themselves and would love to help you too ❤️️

If you have digestive/inflammatory struggles & are ready to take action, you're in the right place!!!

My Creds 👇

  • Union College, summa cum laude, 2014
  • Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, 2018
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Certification, 2018
  • Restorative Wellness Solutions: Gastrointestinal Healing — GI MAP, SIBO, & Food Sensitivity Certification, 2019
  • Homeopathic Strategy to Uproot Seemingly Unrelated Illnesses in Body and Mind, 2020
  • Neuroscience, Brain Rewiring, and Integration Coaching, 2020-21
  • Restorative Wellness Solutions: Optimizing Hormones and Adrenals Certification, 2020
  • Restorative Wellness Solutions: Mastering Nutritional Blood Chemistry Certification, 2021

Hear from student experiences 👇

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Mallory's program has been SO helpful in navigating my digestive issues! I have had bloating, pain, constipation, and SIBO for over 17 years. I have seen numerous doctors, but was always told to take medication or gentle laxatives daily, OR I put on very restrictive diets that were not sustainable at all for long term success.

I saw Mallory's program being advertised and was skeptical at first (I thought I had heard it all that this point), but wow, was I wrong! I have learned SO MUCH information from her course, and am now set up with the tools I need to sustain a healthy digestive system.

I have already noticed less bloating and pain after meals, and my constipation is getting better as well! Mallory herself is very helpful, personable, and caring, and having the Facebook group in order to connect with her and others is a great support tool. I finally truly feel like my digestive issues will heal."

- Brittany

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Since completing Mallory's program and working 1:1 with her, my stomach pain is GONE, the bloat, gas, and acid reflux is minimal, and I'm losing some weight. I have more energy and my quality of life has improved!

My kids have even mentioned how much happier I am and how nice it is to have mom back!

I finally have answers and protocols that are producing results. This program gives results.. Mallory has gone through many of these same issues and truly understands how you feel. When other doctors would have no response or answers, Mallory has had suggestions that have proved helpful and beneficial. 

I've come farther in 3 months than I have in the past 5 years!"

- Madena

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Before I started Mallory's program, I had gut issues for about 5 years. I had really bad stomach aches that would last into the next day and my doctor prescribed me omeprazole to help with the acid reflux. A month or so prior to that I ended up in the ER because I thought I was having a heart attack!

I am so happy to report that I'm doing so much better. I for sure feel like my gut is getting stronger because that burning has stopped (THANK GOD)! I'm so grateful for Mallory - without her I'd still be testing medications and masking the problem!

I encourage anyone looking for a long term solution to take this program. Mallory's devoted her time, knowledge, and talents to helping people like me. She is an angel sent from heaven! Don't give up on your health because it's never too late.

I'm learning that this program has changed my relationship with food for the rest of my life. I'm so thankful I can eat the things I love on occasion and feel good on foods that nourish my body and make me feel my best. I'm so grateful for Digesting Wellness and Mallory. Thank you for giving me my life back, I will forever be grateful for you. XOXO"

— Amber

Yes, I want my own success story!

This FREE training will reveal my proven 4- step system to:

  • Overcome chronic digestive conditions we know aren't "just in our head."
  • Discover the biggest mistakes even expert health warriors might be making, that could be threatening long-term relief.
  • Uncover why overly restrictive diets are NOT the answer to long-term success.
  • Unveil the biggest myths around digestive conditions that keep most people STUCK. 
  • Have a ton of fun + ask questions!!!

Psst… Join this training even if you've already seen every specialist under the sun...  

I pinky promise this isn’t conventional wisdom or woo woo make-a-wish style advice ;)